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Creative freedom
for your passions and curiosities

We are a social promotion association working in the field of research, innovation and skill development, with a focus on green and youth, a laboratory for circular creative experimentations of the future.

Our bright impact

Areas of 

We identify as target areas: the environmental sphere, pursuing the enhancement and protection of natural resources. We also promote green strategies in the context of the circular economy with new digital solutions, intervening in the social sphere, fostering collaboration between local actors and promoting employability, including at the international level. We intervene in cultural and artistic fields, creating mutlidisciplinary projects.

Goals of the association

We believe in a strong sense of educational awareness of the boys and girls we work with so that they develop widespread environmental awareness, which translates into responsible behavior in every activity and choice.

Culture and society

Development of processes with high environmental sustainability in civil and industrial areas for the enhancement of natural, economic, cultural and social capital.

Educational activities

Development in young people of interest in study. Promotion of educational and cultural activities as tools for personal and professional growth, including through international experiences.

Circular economy and sustainability

Development of the green and blue economy concept according to circular economy models to promote innovation and generate new job opportunities.

Awareness of cultural heritage

Development of a sense of responsibility towards the care, protection of environmental. scenic and cultural heritages and towards the welfare of local and international communities.

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From catalogs to exhibition a support for Italian blind union



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It is thanks to the support of each of each of these realities that Manto Circular Lab each year realizes new projects and expands the audience of stakeholders involved in their respective implementation.

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