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Support in your small way

our Association

Make a donation to support the birth and development of our activities

Why support

our association?

Donating to Manto Circular Lab is a way to be directly involved in all our activities from the cultural to the scientific fields. Specifically, your donation will have a 360-degree impact on the association's activities, such as:

  • Propose the development of new projects

  • Participate in inclusion activities and social actions

  • Support exhibitions and cultural events promoted by the association

  • Contribute to the implementation of training activities in Italy and abroad for our children and to the development of their projects


How to support MCL activities

IBAN: IT20Q0845411500000000390217

(BCC Credito Padano Cooperative Credit Bank)

Data necessary for completing the bank transfer

You can make a contribution via bank transfer, specifying the tax code in the description "Liberal donation". In your tax return you will be able to take advantage of the tax advantages provided by current legislation.

How do I make the transfer?

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