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Our team is a diverse group of STEAM enthusiasts and volunteers committed to social advancement. We combine science, technology, arts and environmental skills to promote inclusive and sustainable education.

Our Creative Leadership

Marilena Paolino


Marilena is a specialized support teacher with expertise in neuroscience and social inclusion.

Alessandro Algeri


A chemistry graduate, Alessandro is a plant designer for SeSe Ltd.

Mauro Grandi


Mauro is a lecturer in industrial chemical technology and a consultant with 20 years' experience in environmental management and R&D.

Anna Carraro


Anna is a student in Chemistry at IS Fermi in Mantua and a founder and researcher in the SEP project.

Marco Morelli


Marco is a Chemistry student at the University of Parma and founder of AISPOT startup active in the agricultural sector.

Luca Ferrari


Luca is a researcher at Max Perutz Labs where he studies the biochemistry of Alzheimer's and other neurodegenerative diseases.

Monica Valli


Monica is a lecturer with 20 years' experience in the chemical industry, and an expert in science and technology communication.

Nicola Pignatta


Nicola holds a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Modena, thanks to his technological background he assists and provides his design and prototyping skills.

Carlo Sai


Carlo holds a degree in Chemistry from University of Parma with a specialization in organic chemistry, and is a lecturer at IS Fermi where he is also involved in project development in PCTO.

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