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Manto Circular Lab

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In the heart

of Innovation

It is thanks to the support of each of each of these realities that Manto Circular Lab each year realizes new projects and expands the audience of stakeholders involved in their respective implementation.

Most read projects of the month

In this section you can read about the most read projects of the month, carried out with our kids thanks to the support of the association's mentors. To access the full list of projects carried out by the Manto Circular Lab foundation visit our archive.


Zeolite to minimize environmental pollution


Uso Vinacce Alternativo


The way we should treat e-waste

Electric Enigma

Electric enigma delle metallo-proteine: una nuova tipologia di batterie

Lipo cleaning

Un efficace trattamento di tintura


Estrazione sequenziale di fitopigmenti e polifenoli da fiori di iris e zafferano

Projects and materials

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