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Give your lungs air, choose the bike

The first laboratory activities begin

The activities for "Give air to your lungs, choose the bike" are underway, a project created by MCL with the contribution of the Mantuan community foundation and assisted by the teachers Paolino and Giannotta from the ISS Enrico Fermi.

The route promotes sporting activities and historical-environmental research whose aim is to use the bike as a means of transport to move around some "green" places in the city of Mantua (Giardino dei Semplici, Giardini di Belfiore, Bosco Fontana , etc) and discover the added value that the direct relationship with Nature brings to our body and our soul with a view to an increasingly eco-sustainable and protected environment also with a view to achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda.

The project addresses the social need to "recreate and reinvigorate" interpersonal relationships in the age group

aged under 14 severely tested following the forced closure imposed by the Covid health emergency; the proposed activities have the aim of merging young people with the surrounding environment, promoting healthy and functional lifestyles for their psycho-physical well-being in order to regain their place in the space and places that are the centers of daily life.


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