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Expo-Sciences International Puebla, Mexico

Electric Enigma flies to Mexico for ESI 2023

Expo-Sciences is a non-competitive multicultural exhibition organized by the International Movement for Recreation in Science and Technology MILSET. The XVIII edition of the ESI is hosted by the National Network of Youth Activities in Science and Technology, a member of MILSET in Mexico.

The areas of participation include:

  • Biological and health sciences

  • Pure and applied sciences

  • Environment and ecosystems

  • Engineering, IT and Robotics Applications

Here in Puebla we are with Sofia and Giacomo with their Electric Enigma project and with Anna and Alessandro with their SEP project. The two projects carried out by the boys from Fermi in Mantua with the collaboration of our tutors are very different from each other, on the one hand Electric Enigma which has as its objective the design of a new type of high-performance batteries, engineered using metal-proteins, on the another SEP, the aim of which is the definition of an experimental approach based on increasing the yield and ease of sequential extraction of polyphenols and phytopigments.


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