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Youth and Science 2024

For the third consecutive year, our association supports young girls and boys in their projects with a strong innovative character. For us, it is pleasure and a commitment of responsibility to accompany young innovative minds on their creative and growth path.

This year Manto Circular Lab participated in the implementation of three different projects in the STEAM field that were each admitted to the selection of the "Youth and Science" competition organized by FAST (Federation of Scientific and Technical Associations) on behalf of the European Commission's Directorate-General for Research.

The three selected projects:

  • MeX - The way we should treat e-waste - presented by Elia Azzali, Marco Ferretti, Valentino Ghizzi of 4BCCH from E. Fermi High School in Mantua. MeX proposes an innovative vision, inspired by the principles of environmental sustainability and the 2030 Agenda, for the recovery and treatment of e-waste. With continuous research and dozens of practical attempts, they have succeeded in MeX to incorporate low-cost, reusable, safe and absolutely green solvents.

  • U.V.A. - Alternative Vinacce Use - presented by Edoardo Testa, Filippo Sonzogni, of 4A and Alessandro Grandi of 4ACCH also from E. Fermi High School in Mantua. The three guys propose an integrated process for the recovery of vinacce with production of dyes for fashion and cosmetics substances with high added value in a circular economy perspective.

  • Pomodolite - Zeolite to minimize environmental pollution - presented by Andrea Venturelli 3BBIO of IS E. Fermi jointly with Sofia Destro and Giorgia Merolli, from the Sobrero Institutes of Casale Monferrato and Marconi of Tortona. A project involving the participation of the three different institutes from two different regions (Lombardy and Piedmont) for the use and functionalization of zeolite as an adsorbent material to minimize environmental impact, in order to purify runoff water, restore soil and ensure that organic products are obtained.

Awards received:

  • MeX will compete in the final of the best European projects 35th EUCYS, European Union Contest for Young Scientists Katowice (Poland) September 9-14, 2024, in addition to receiving the Special Prize from SCI-Lombardia (Italian Chemical Society) "for the brilliant project proposed in the field of chemical sciences."

  • U.V.A. receives accreditation to participate in Mostratec 2024 - Novo Hamburgo (Brazil).

  • Pomodolite receives accreditation to participate in TISF 2025, Taiwan International Science Fair (Taipei).

Supporting and enabling these three project activities were members: Nadia Semino, Elisabetta Gaita, Mauro Grandi, Monica Valli, Carlo Sai, Anna Carraro, Simone Cappa, Diego Meneghelli and Marco Morelli. For Pomodolite, the support of Patrizia Cascio, professor at IS Sobrero, is included.

RAI 2 on March 19, 2024 talks about the contest and our guys!

To find out in detail about the projects carried out by the boys visit our Projects section and don't miss our updates on the association's LinkedIn and Instagram page.

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