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The way we should treat e-waste

The idea for this project came about when, one day, students saw computers and keyboards piled up next to school dumpsters. After some research, they realized that there were very valuable materials inside those devices. Upon inquiring about the current method of disposal, they discovered that, at present, in the world, the elements contained in these devices are mainly recovered by burning and carbonizing the boards, creating toxic emissions (especially gases). So they began looking for an alternative way to make this process more sustainable. After months of research they found a chemical solution that did exactly the job the students were researching, the MeX solution. This set of chemical reagents was able to affect the solder and consequently dislodge metals, initially only gold. They then refined the technique and were able to arrive at a circular process that allows the gold and copper to be efficiently extracted, completely cleaning the base of the fiberglass board making it, by the way, also reusable. The most important strengths of this project are essentially two: The first is that the process is sequential and easily applicable on a large scale; The second, not least, is that all the reagents used are completely reusable, inexpensive and low emission. In conclusion, the students have committed themselves to taking a step closer and closer to the ideal of environmental sustainability in the management of these wastes.

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