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Promozione sociale

Give air to the lungs

Change ratio: give air to the lungs, choose the bike!

The pathway responded to the social need to “recreate and reinvigorate” interpersonal relationships in the under-14 group after the Covid 19 health emergency. In the years of the pandemic, the temporary suspension of educational activities, the closure of gathering spaces and places, and the need to maintain distancing represented a greater sacrifice for children and adolescents because they were faced with the need to reduce their experiences and social moments. This project gave back to a group of children aged 3 to 12 years a concrete opportunity to regain their identity and dimension in urban and social space, improved their psycho-physical fitness, stimulated divergent and creative thinking, and enhanced the knowledge and historical-cultural value of some green places in the city of Mantua.

Promoted by Manto Circular Lab (MCL) APS, funded by Fondazione Comunità Mantovana , the project involved the Allgor Tato Bike association of Borgo Virgilio as the recipient of the activities. The collaboration with the State Archives of Mantua and the Historical Archives of the Municipality of Mantua together with the patronage of the Municipalities of Mantua, Borgo Virgilio and Curtatone was fruitful and stimulating.

The project was created as an opportunity for social interaction and enhancement of the motor and relational skills of a group of young athletes from the Allgor tato bike club of BorgoVirgilio .The purpose of the route was to accompany 14 children, ages 3 to 12, on an adventure en plain air aboard their bikes along the bike paths that lead from the Belfiore Gardens to the biodiversity corridor of the Rocca di Sparafucile via the Gonzaga Lakeside . During the years of the pandemic it was complicated to explain to children that they could no longer go out, go to school or the park, meet their friends or even just play on the sidewalk below their homes . This project has given back to these children basic experiences and social stimulation needed to return to everyday normalcy. Under the supervision of MCL volunteers, sports experts and parents, the young athletes conducted 3 workshops : one on motor education and road safety, one on image education and one on storytelling, each with the precise request of a delivery.

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