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Industry 4.0

Innovation workshop for young people and companies towards Industry 4.0

The lab in brief

The Innovation Lab Towards Industry 4.0 project includes moments of discussion and training activities (short seminars and thematic workshops) aimed at companies and young people in the area on innovative issues in science technology and IoT, declined according to the logic of agriculture and industry 4.0 and the circularity of production processes. It is also planned to carry out training and research experiences carried out in a collaborative and synergistic way in the territory (companies, schools, institutions) that generated direct technological transfer in production realities or the start-up of enterprises, of a project work experience inherent to new cultivation solutions, carried out in collaboration between training realities of the territory and companies.

The purpose that the innovation lab aims to achieve

The project makes it possible to strengthen the network between schools, institutions and the business world, to pursue the common goal of developing the talents of young people, promoting their potential, and in general for the concrete realization of useful collaborations with both short-term and long-term returns for the social fabric. It will include moments of contact between young graduates, recent graduates, university students, young job seekers, and businesses, to get to know their attitudes, expectations and talents, and to foster possible future collaborations. Therefore, the path has the aims of approaching the logic of industrialization 4.0 of production processes and development of skills through training, raising awareness of businesses towards collaborative logics, research and innovation actions, interpretation of entrepreneurial activity in a territorial and social key.

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